How Gender is Lived Today, Part 1

January 2023

A Memoir of Contingent Academic Life
Some Documents and Scenes From a Culture in Transition
Or, what it means to be human in the Renaissance and the twenty-first century

December 2022

On Teaching the History of Western Art For the Very Last Time
"Nobody wants to meet with me. Nobody came to me and say, 'I'm sorry. We messed up. We made a mistake.' Nobody." Watch now (46 min) | Speaking with a mother of a trans-identified daughter who placed herself into the foster care system at 16 and killed herself while…
"I realized that no matter what I would have done -- had I got into full surgery on my face, removal of my genitals -- (I already had breast…Watch now (41 min) | Abel Garcia's search for self-acceptance -- from a Mexican brothel to a gender surgeon's table, to acceptance of the man he always…
"We are setting up the lawsuits against the AAP and all these societies. We're going to hold them all to account. We have an army of…Watch now (66 min) | Erin Friday speaks the night Before the Do No Harm protest of the American Academy of Pediatrics about pulling her daughter out of…

November 2022

Just Unevenly Distributed
The High Cost of Gender Apostasy Watch now (48 min) | And Why It Must Be Paid
"Every forward step in my transition at first brought elation, but it was ephemeral. As the joy faded, I was encouraged to take the next…Watch now (9 min) | Scott Newgent on waking up from the transgender fantasy
I felt like she was setting me and her father up as the enemy of our child. She was the savior who was going to come in and save our…Watch now (31 min) | Mother whose 10-year old daughter was socially transitioned at school behind her back speaks