There wouldn't be a need for a trial of these monsters if this happens to anyone in my family, ...just their funeral.

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Wesley, regarding how we find ourselves at this insane place of violent predators being offered deference and protection, I highly recommend reading this Spiked! article that details how ideological agenda's are mainstreamed by the wealthiest elites though the funding and networking of NGOs. It is not centered on the topic of gender ideology specifically, but outlines the mechanism for how this ideology has so quickly permeated our society and corrupted our institutions. It's truly eye-opening and explains a lot.


Combine the info from Spiked! with the amazing work of Jennifer Bilek in following the gender ideology money trail, and a picture emerges of how we could have so rapidly descended into this nightmarish world where simply claiming transgender status elevates the vicious criminal into a teflon hero. It all fits together like a puzzle.



This is Bilek's website with lots of worthwhile content: https://www.the11thhourblog.com/

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Obviously putting a baby killer in the mom and baby unit is no bueno, regardless of claimed gender. So what is really up here? Also, the reason these things are sanctioned? a) Normal people are not depraved enough to think of these scenarios and don't believe they can or are happening - you TERFs must be crazy just to make these accusations b) It's very hard to turn a ship around. Much easier not to notice the iceberg c) The iceberg has not hit, and by iceberg I mean the monstrous liability awards that detransitioners are going to win against the trans-industrial complex.

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Sorry I have to use this comment section but I don’t see any other way to ask an important question. I am a free subscriber but want to become a paid subscriber. Can’t find anyplace on this site to do so. Best I found was a link to “manage your subscription “ but that only brings up a screen telling me that one “cannot manage your subscription through the app.” I don’t know what that means so if anyone can help it’s much appreciated.

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"The pullback from youth gender transition has begun

States are pressuring hospitals to stop prescribing puberty blockers "



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Statisticians, policy makers baffled by rise in violent crimes committed by women.

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