Year Zero
Year Zero with Wesley Yang
The Road to Year Zero #1 - Cold Open

The Road to Year Zero #1 - Cold Open

A Subdued and Somewhat Tentative First Foray into the Spoken Medium

As promised, I am expanding my own nano-Vertically Integrated Messaging Apparatus into another medium: a podcast, or rather a series of podcasts organized under three different rubrics.

  1. The Road to Year Zero: A micro-documentary series revisiting the great and petty episodes on the path to ideological succession from the recent and distant American past

  2. Syllabus, for paid subscribers only, in which I will do a deep dive into an academic subject with a subject matter expert

  3. Books Do Furnish A Mind, in which I speak with a notable or merely fascinating person about one book that exercised a formative influence on them

Year Zero episode 1 is just a wee little anecdote. It say only a little bit, but strives to do so with verve. An invitation to spend countless hours with my voice reverberating in your earbuds, and a foretaste of what that will be like.

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A full transcript is available for paid subscribers.

Year Zero
Transcript: The Road to Year Zero #1 - Cold Open
Somehow we never got around to posting transcripts from the podcast launched in April. But we will go back and do that now, sending off transcripts in the days to come, as an ongoing Easter Egg for paid subscribers, some of whom don’t especially care for mellifluous voices reciting well-tempered prose, but some of whom will enjoy reading what they will …
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Year Zero
Year Zero with Wesley Yang
An ongoing inquiry into the ideological fever that overtook the governing and chattering classes of America during the Trump years
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