Globalizing capitalism and wokeness share an interest in removing all the barriers that restrain their fantasies, the hubristic triumph of mind over matter: physical borders; definitions of words; local culture, mores, laws; family as the fundamental social unit; political structures that distribute rather than concentrate power; distinctions between adults/children/men/women; and on and on in a relentless attack on nature and on the wisdom hard won by man's awareness of his place in nature over thousands of years.

This essay is an excellent, patient description of the social terrain that these monsters inhabit. Similar perspective on the spiritual and religious vacuum they seem to fill would be a welcome complement.

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"A third argument advanced by the materialist left is a diversionary theory of woke capital. From this perspective, wokeness is a fraud perpetuated on the progressive masses seeking to legitimate corporate power and rampant material inequality. Thus Disney supposedly produces gay-friendly content to hide the fact that the company filmed Mulan in Xinjiang province, and Amazon promotes its commitment to racial equality today so that consumers will forget to demand an increase in the corporate tax rate tomorrow. "

I think Apple is the poster-boy for this theory. Apple has discovered that it can get away with anything by waving a rainbow flag. Apple is a genuinely bad company and Tim Cook is the worst of it. Apple’s offenses against humanity span the globe.

1. Apple is the number one corporate tax evader on the planet. Apple makes 10s of billions in profits worldwide (including the USA) and then shifts all of the profits to Ireland. Of course, it doesn't pay any significant taxes in Ireland either. Calling Apple a corporate tax cheat is an understatement.

2. Apple 'proudly' waves the Rainbow flag... Except in countries where that might cause real problems (India, Muslim countries, etc.). In those countries, the rainbow flag is notable by its absence. So why does Apple wave the rainbow flag in the USA (and possibly Europe)? See point 1. Apple has discovered the terrible truth that it can get away with anything with the right flag.

3. Apple fires people who are perceived to be a 'problem'. An example would be Antonio García Martínez. Of course, Apple was quite willing to do business with Dr. Dre ('Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks ').

4. Apple treats it's assembly workers so badly that it was forced to put up suicide nets to stop workers from killing themselves. That's the level of morality of Apple.

5. Of course, it gets worse. Apple uses slave labor (Uighurs) to build its products in China. Supposedly, 'Privacy' is a fundamental human right, but actual slavery is OK with Apple.

Apple is the incarnation of evil in one corporation.

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We've come to a fork in the road. Build a functioning parallel economy, quickly, or watch China takeover. Either way the woke zombies will lose. What they propose (equity over merit) simply cannot work. Their model is a continent-sized Lebanon.

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Its pretty obvious that the one leadership quality in extremely short supply appears to be balls.

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This analysis seems incomplete without addressing the theory that all of this is just the result of women playing a larger role. There are some male characters in this account, but can anybody imagine an all-male institution going woke? It would be interesting to know if there is such a thing. All-male institutions may not exist anymore to study.

This may simply be what it means to live in a woman’s world. This is the world that makes the most sense to them. The old ways may be gone forever.

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It used to be if you were a professional at a corporation like IBM you could be Democrat or Republican, liberal, conservative, moderate – quite possibly people wouldn’t know. What changed? I think this is one thing the essay deeply underplays: the accelerant effect of social media, causing the private, the political, and the professional to be indistinguishable. And making the cost of dissent excessive for most. This has produced extraordinary ideological conformity in the professions in a mere 10 years.

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I remember in early-ish 2013, Lloyd Blankfein, then CEO of Goldman Sachs, publicly stated his support for gay marriage. No doubt his sense of justice came into play, but I realized that there was another critical reason for his public pronouncement.

In 2013 supporting gay marriage was the most expedient way to ingratiate oneself with the American cultural/economic left. A left that at that point most conspicuously instantiated itself via Occupy Wall Street, a direct result of the 2008 devastating, and still virulent, financial crisis. (BTW, today, it would trans rights.)

And Occupy Wall Street favored the kinds of policies, like Sanders and Warren, that would trully have crippled the reckless money making business models of big banks. And gay marriage was one of the many conduits for beautifying banks' tattered image.

In other words, identity politics is a powerful PR mechanism to protect rapacious corporate business models. But even more: it's a great tool that class can use to disguise itself.

(As a note, Eric Holder, Obama's attorney general, declared the banks at the center of the financial crisis to be "systemically important" in the summer of 2013. To my knowledge no bank executive went to jail or was charged in any way. And as we know, those banks are now more powerful than ever, due in no small part to the extravagant bailouts lavished on the industry by the American government and Fed.)

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This was clarifying and terrifying simultaneously

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"This claim relies on several questionable assumptions, not least that the audience for performative wokeness is unusually dim-witted and morally bankrupt"

I think that is true. Note that Titania McGrath (a fictional person) has tweeted about the very low intellectual level of the 'woke'. See https://twitter.com/TitaniaMcGrath/status/1400150393313808390.

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A very coherent class analysis, clarifying the internal meaning of many facts/events of which most readers here are largely aware, and also of many of the thoughts that many of us have had (e.g. moral laundering), if passingly. Very well-written/organized and helpful - this analysis will certainly yield further, fruitful considerations.

I am not persuaded by the point concerning neoliberalism, but the question is worth considering. If its time has passed, then that suggests that "Woke Capital" exists apart from it, and is a separate (if possibly related) phenomenon. This bears consideration.

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I really enjoyed this piece; it really fleshed out something I've been thinking about a lot. I wonder if the electoral college has something to do with all this ( I'm just thinking out loud here).

The way that it is set up, millions of voters are disenfranchised every year. Their votes just don't count, depending on where they live. That causes an enormous amount of frustration and suppressed rage.

When Trump became president, he won despite losing the popular vote by many millions. To those who immediately want to jump in with excuses/reasons for why the electoral college is good, I just want them to imagine their choices losing despite more people wanting them in power. Even if you completely agree with the electoral college, surely you can see the frustration, anger and helplessness it engenders in those who lose even when they "win".

So- if you are still with me- if you are shut out of political power because of structural elements that handicap you, then you turn towards other methods of expressing your will. You pressure corporations to be responsive to you, because you cannot win elections. I remember that being a big part of the "resistance".

Like everything we humans we get up to, it goes WAY too far and becomes destructive.

Its positively dystopian what wokeism is doing to us right now.

I speak specifically of the trans ideology which has institutional capture of corporate culture and the entertainment industry, but the DEI industry is also corrupt and divisive. I am a lifelong Dem, but I cannot stand the far left. I'm left here, in the middle, with no political party anymore.

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Two thoughts:

1) It seems too ambitious a project to topple woke capital as a whole. Eat the elephant one bite at a time. Start with the transgender movement: the L, G and B are necessarily and logically at odds with the T, the contradictions are obvious - exploit them. What’s more, actual POC are more anti-trans than anyone. Drive the wedge, hard and deep.

2) And Disney is the company to target. As the author notes, it peddles its wares to a globally broad market of parents with young children. It can’t realistically pull up stakes and move out of red Florida. And is there another company in the world that kids literally dream of working for one day? There should be 100 willing and qualified applicants for every woke employee willing to fall on his sword.

Gotta get a win. Win this one.

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Extortion : can you imagine a Disney executive popping her head up above the parapet to say: “that law has some common sense merit”. The professor says managerial class culture IS successor ideology, but I ask, how much is coercion and how much conviction. Religious vigilantes (worksters) are terrifying. In my world most people roll their eyes and get pissed off, they simply don’t want talk about it, they are disgusted. So therein lies the solution, if we all stand up to their abuse and name calling, with courage and the certainty that we are not bigots, we can turn the tide. Hallelujah, (you go first, I need my job.)

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For those of us wondering how the for-profits became so woke seemingly overnight, this article helps a lot. I'm impressed with how dismissive the elite, educated and highly paid are of the hoi polloi - in this case as represented by their elected officials. I suppose that they would be outraged should the common folk decide that they can get by without Disney World of woke entertainment products. Anita Bryant thought she was doing God's work in addition to peddling Florida orange juice. It didn't work out well for her or her sponsors. Should the efforts of the woke end up hurting the bottom line, I suspect that the Disney employees will feel that they shouldn't be punished for being righteous. Anita certainly felt that she shouldn't have suffered any consequences. We don't yet know if today's woke elite are prepared to suffer any for being so right about everything. It may be in their little safe world virtue never costs anything.

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Whether woke capital can compete in the long run with the more "red in tooth and claw" variety shall be interesting to observe.

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I would say the professional class isn't as accurate a term as women in management since they are the biggest demographic change in these places and it's obvious the kind of social dynamics that follow, then both from men and women.

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