I read this passage over and over:

"Emba writes of “incels” that “they’re not exactly a sympathetic bunch, believing as they do that sex is something they’re owed by women.” But she had just finished describing a set of women who believe that emotional intimacy is something women are owed by men, and who respond to not getting what they want with explicit hatred."

Wow! A lot to think about- it sort of blew my mind, actually. Thank you for this!

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"wisdom of thinkers like Thomas Aquinas and Andrea Dworkin”—not exactly two philosophers on a par" - Warning: If mishandled, understatements of this magnitude might actually tear a hole in the fabric of reality.

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It has been said before, but not enough recently. The feminist movement, whatever wave it may be on, can be a movement for sex equality, or it can be the women's lobby. Those two things may have had signficant overlap, but they are also sometimes distinctly at odds - increasingly so. And as this article illustrates, it's clear what the movement really is. That is how no one even notices evident absurdities any more such as the the ones mentioned above. Or, for example, when articles about how the global Covid epidemic has supposedly been much harder on women, there is no acknowledgment that it kills men at significantly higher rates. Just to offer another example. Or the fact that no one ever acknowledges that men are exponetially more likely to be victims of violent crimes. Instead we have endless articles about how unsafe women supposedly feel.

For the last ten years the woke women have been holding a conversation with themselves online and in the media about gender relations. Sure, syncophantic woke men are permitted to cheerlead. But there is a total absence of meaningful feedback or reality check from men, at least until Quillette and Substact and other heterodox platforms emerged. As a result, further and further down the rabbit hole they have gone.

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Anthropologically: Men create a safe space for women to bring forth the future. The child.

It has long been the avowed feminist goal, likewise that of our "woke" Marxist friends, to destroy the nuclear family. It requires absolute power over the individual , marriage to, and total dependence upon, the State. The book in question, and those like it, are cover for and blowback from, the class war perpetrated on the American middle class by the profiteering financial elite. Industrial misandry has long served totalitarian finance syphoning trillions in state/corporate grant dollars into the "..why can't we hate men.." coffer and the pay me big time divorce industry that demands fathers be removed from the home and access to their children denied. As we speak, thousands of men are behind bars in the child support debtors prison or, lives and careers destroyed, permanently on the run to avoid it. Many (in full compliance with the law and paying child support) will never see their children again. Meanwhile, mass shootings, gang violence, crime, prison and homelessness ascend and the disintegration of civil society deepens.

Countless studies have shown that the presence of the father in the life of a child is a major indicator of the child's and the societies future success. Why, even after the tragedy of divorce, can't a man have a meaningful longterm relationship with his children? Well of course, because there's money to made and: MEN BAD!! BLM is a prime example of wrapping ones self in false flag morality while lining ones pocket. Feminist/Marxist "woke" is no different.

The heavily propagandized psychological and forbidden reality for women: To love a man is a betrayal of self and womanhood. When you share a mans bed you are "..sleeping with the enemy." The irrational double standard propagandized manufacture of confusion, distrust, open disrespect and hatred of men by feminist/marxist ideologues can be seen in the university "mattress girl" saga where rape allegations against a young man were proven false yet his life was destroyed. (How many of those can you think of?) Media, feminism and the DEI commissariat continued to exploit the incident as real or a cover up by the patriarchy. And feminism, after exploiting the girl for its own purposes, abandoned her.--- Amazed at sexual confusion in the young?

I see depressed and angry young women daily. Tattooed and confused welfare single mothers encouraged to believe they are victims of manhood when in fact they are the lonely victims of feminist/marxist/totalitarian financial avarice. Most have no father and have never had a relationship with the positive masculine at all. I suspect their "choke me" response to love making is a symptom of the sadomasochism that works to silence free speech and requires parents to remain silent and pretend the man at the swim meet defeating their daughters is a woman. Feminism certainly encouraged, celebrated and supported sadomasochism as art presentations by "mattress girl". Likewise, the master/slave Disney'esque sexual lesbian/feminist/marxist/gay alphabet soup trolls who demand politically correct ideological adherence don't hesitate to label heterosexuals "breeders". The Epstein debacle lays to rest any questions about the totalitarian financial elite, the abuse of power, the exploitation of sexual dynamics and the sideways emergence of repressed unconscious sexuality.

Doubt the power to silence and manipulate? A recent Substack/COMMON SENSE article on the remorse of young trans women who had undergone surgical and chemical transition had the comments section blocked. Somewhere "something" says: "You can't go there." What is it. Whence does it emanate.? Is it human?

BigTech/ Financial Totalitarianism sees a future where perpetual emotional children exist in a for profit Metaverse that supplies labor and access to exploitable resources and people without the troublesome reality and interference of actual human beings. Want to create a futureless uneducated population and destroy the middle class? Destroy the family by destroying the relationship between men and women. Make any possibility of coniunctio strictly forbidden.

"..destroy another fetus now..we don't like children anyhow...get ready for the future it is murder.." (We all know who said it.)

"..Dr. Filth...keeps his world inside of a leather cup...all his sexless patients are trying to blow it up....his nurse some local loser is in charge if the cyanide hole..she also keeps the cards that read.. "Have mercy on his Soul" ..They all play on the penny whistle...you can hear them blow..if you stick your head out far enough from..desolation row.." (We all know who said this too.)

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"wisdom of thinkers like Thomas Aquinas and Andrea Dworkin—not exactly two philosophers on a par" -- yeah, but what about Jason Stanley?

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"Be ye perfect." What's missing here is an acknowledgement that sexual perversion (the separation of sex from love and procreation and the reification of the body, the "object," and pleasure itself) is obligatory in mass media culture. Fornication, not purity, is the ideal. Aided and abetted by the U.S. Supreme Court with its quarter-truth that sex is a private matter.

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