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"How could it possibly be state sanctioned that we have men who have raped babies licking their lips, looking at tiny children in a women's prison in the mother/baby unit?"

Part 2 of a 3-part series of interviews with Reduxx Magazine founder Anna Slatz

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Here is the second in a series of three interviews with Anna Slatz, the founder of Reduxx Magazine. The first hour of this marathon interview told the story of that online publication’s founding for paid subscribers only. The second hour and a half, posted above and available to all, contains the bulk of an interview in which we go over the ten craziest stories covered by Reduxx. This section was interrupted by technical difficulties toward the end. A few days later we recorded another hour and a half in which we wrapped up the last of the ten stories and went on to discuss various other issues that will be featured in the third and final episode of this series next week.

A perusal of the Reduxx website on any given day explains the difficulty Slatz had in picking the stories to include in this interview. Reduxx routinely has the most disturbing story you’ve ever heard in your life posted to their website, all generated by the absurdity of defining “woman” as “anyone who says they are a woman,” which the ruling institutions of the Western world have already done or are in the process of doing.

Reduxx is not a site that targets a marginalized minority by associating it with rapists, pedophiles, and murderer. Its subject is not transgender crime per se but rather the bizarre deference that is shown to some of the world’s most depraved perpetrators by criminal justice systems and media outlets throughout the Western world honoring the self-declared gender identities of male rapists and murderers. This prioritization of the feelings of male rapists and murders over the safety of women and children is a continual reductio ad absurdum of the gender identity dogma which our media has made the considered decision to ignore, suppress, or collude with actively, thereby creating the vacuum in public awareness of the macabre Twilight Zone-like unreality into which transgender dogmas too often devolve in practice that Reduxx has emerged to fill.

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