The thing that bothers me most is that the professionals involved seem to have no understanding of brain development. A child under 16 simply doesn't have the higher brain functions required to form consent to life-altering medication and surgery. They are literalists - tell them girls wear dresses & boys have short hair and they take that as gospel, enforcing the idea amongst their peers. I think it's child abuse to present Gender Identity theory to children in elementary school or younger. Their brains are simply not developed enough to process the concept. The adults are projecting adult capabilities on these kids. It's not a matter of maturity, it's a matter of brain structure and growth. The brain continues to grow and develop until about age 25. That's the age we should begin to allow transition. I know too many would rebel against that idea, but let's at least keep it to 18 and above. Keep it out of schools completely. I don't care if that's unpopular, but exposing kids to concepts beyond their capability to understand is going to have tragic consequences.

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I feel so depressed after reading this.

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People pushing gender ideology love to pretend its only women or right wing that oppose it. but the truth is gender ideology is very unpopular among most groups. desantis parents rights bills are supported by 55% of FL democrats, and greater numbers of independents.

the fact that some are still going along with this fraud is only evidence most dont know enough about it yet. every gender industry stat, study and claim is a lie. gender ideology has been implimented pushing these lies in secret. why do ppl believe it? because they dont know anything about it. if they did , gender ideology wouldnt have gotten so far. but now ppl are finding out about it. and those that love the idea of this homophobic mens rights movement are spending their time attacking what they view are limited groups that oppose it. the problem with that idea is gender ideology affects everyone. so gender ideology will be scrutinized. and what ppl will find is that none of its slogans or claims hold up.

no, trans id kids dont commit suicide much more than ave. no, gender "care" doesnt help anything. Evidence shows gender "care" to be extremely harmful and completely homophobic.

gender ideology harms women placing them at risk from bio men in their personal spaces. gender ideology harms kids. most kids who hv dysphoria had trama, abuse, homeless autistic or just having normal dysphoria due to being gay. every long term study shows most kids grow out of dysphoria with unmedicated puberty. but once they take the blockers most go on to sterilzing meds. the last thing kids need are homophobic unqualified school employyes pushing the false idea that normal issues are due to the false idea of gender.

people pushing gender ideology have had 15 years pushing fake studys based on meaningless online polls and low quality short term studys that are also fraudukant. UK, sweden, Finland looked at all these "studys" and found their garbage. the "care" doesnt work. no evidence shows it helps anything. ppl pushing this fraud also demand dysphoric ppl be prevented from getting what they really need - psych care. this is a fraud voodoo religion that preys on vulranable people and pushed by the $10 trillion global medical industry. once they take the meds their dysphoria increases. amsterdam says those getting gender care long term have 50% lower life expectancy. thats not a study. thats an actual count. unlike other places, they have a centralized dept that keeps records.

the glee in the authors words suggest a kind of happiness of how so many have been tricked by this scam. naturally, some men dont care if others are harmed, as long as its not them. but some ppl do still give a shit. and once they find out what a fraud this is, gender ideology will go out of favor in the US, like it has in other places that have tried it.

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Right on, thank you for this.

I’ve been bothered by this centering of LGB youth in the conversation about gender id harms and finding it problematic, and I also bristle when people argue that it affects neuro-diverse kids more.

I believe that we have to stop centering some identities as more important, meaning, this gender ideology is coming for all kids, boys girls, straight gay, with all types of personalities, and all types of neural behaviors.

We must stop playing the ‘who is the biggest victim’ game by saying that all kids are at risk and all are of value and all must be protected. Straight or gay they are all deserving of our help.

That is a very good point that if we build the assoc between straight and trans we might actually get this ended.

Also, we need some freaking fun role models who will stick up for these kids to be themselves.

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Absolutely SPOT ON. I just worked on a theater piece with teenagers, something I have done for over 30 years. 1/3 of the girls were they or he! ONE THIRD. None of the effeminate theater boys were changing their pronouns, at least in my show. However, there is a lot more of that now too and I think it will continue to increase but this is currently a mostly girl issue. There are also so many 14 year old girls saying they are Bi or Asexual or Demisexual etc etc. My husband is a public school teacher and you are so absolutely right on with your analysis there. I will be sharing this!

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We Terven 🇬🇧 absolutely understand that this is normal teenage behaviour. In a world without puberty blockers-no problem. But as with the ‘Mullahs’ of other ideologies it’s a numbers game. For every 100 who go to the training camp, 10 will commit and one carry out an irreversible act. Sexual function and reproductive function are lost for life.

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Well done! The mental health pros I've talked to say that these days. the majority of transitioning kids are on the autism spectrum. They're not gay.

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Good read, overall. I think ‘gender critical’ (GC) is a better term than “TERF”. I know some women are “TERF and proud” and maybe this post was focusing on that demographic. I just prefer to see “TERF” used as little as possible since ideologues, bad actors and useful idiots use that term to dehumanize women.

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This is great to have Moonlit Piglet here. I think I'd actually refer to our position as that of Gender Critical Feminists or GC Feminist Allies, TERF being a reclaimed slur against mostly (not only) women. Just like I and my friends can call me a dyke but not anyone I don't know and love — especially not men.

There is something to be said about the shifting population. I can see how it also may shift given how conservative or liberal the area. Mostly, as a Nana to two teen boys, one likely ASD, one very socially driven who likes nail polish, I worry about how all this regressiveness will play out in their lives. And for all the kids, and girls in particular, that to be female is to be feminine, male to be masculine.

I'm glad there are teachers like you and I wish administers had more sense.

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I would ask the author the same thing I've asked many old-school liberals (which is what he claims to be): are you prepared to vote on this issue?

DEI and gender ideology will be the issue on which I vote in 2022 and 2024. I am a conservative Christian, but I would vote for Bernie Sanders if I thought he would root out this hideous ideology. It's that dangerous as far as I'm concerned. I'm asking if there are any old-school liberals who agree with me on that? And if so, are willing to cast a vote for someone you disagree with on everything except gender ideology?

If liberals are serious about defeating the woke lunacy, I think you need to start figuring out how to be OK with climbing into bed with some deplorables for a while. Because we're the only friends you have right now. The only question is whether you hate us more than you hate what's being done to America's children.

BTW: Good piece. Very much worth reading, and thank you for placing it outside your paywall. This is the kind of story that needs to be heard widely.

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Thanks for a very interesting read. You made a number of insightful points, in my opinion. I especially agree with your observation that "most of these children are transitioning precisely because they want to roleplay as an oppressed minority." The fact that they are role-playing is evident in their behaviors... I alluded to that point in the lighthearted essay "What’s a Woman, What’s a Man, What’s an Alien to Do?"


Adolescents have always assumed unusual identities and tried on unusual costumes (metaphorically speaking) as they explored various lifestyle options. Historically, it's been the adults' roll to shepherd them back to reality. Sadly, many adults have been seduced by the fantasies... and many of those adults are bad actors. Thank you again for a great read, Frederick

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Thank you. This is very interesting. In my country in Europe, the kids who trans still seem to be mainly LGB, autistic or abused children (anecdotal evidence from the parents of ROGD association and personal friends (I have 2 degrees of separation with 13 kids… 1 degree with 5. I mean…).

I also fear that in the schools and the gouvernent, we don’t have secret TERFs waiting for the moment to speak up, but people who don’t really care one way or another, find it silly but not seeing it for what it is.

I do think that as the genderists are pushing more and more and calling anyone disagreeing fascists (and TERFs), regular people will start to push back.

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When will it reach the tipping point of absurdity so that it’s no longer cool to do it ? Will the schools slowly or quickly drop all the placating?

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One thing that should be mentioned and is not always:

Trans is the NUCLEAR BOMB of the parent-child war during adolescence.

Children grow into adolescence to find the road to adulthood, and this goes thru Mom and Dad. To win the war, to impose the teen will on the parent, many things used to be done. Today, the trans argument is the sure-fire winner - if you don't agree that I am in the wrong body with the wrong plumbing and wiring, I will kill myself.

That's the NUCLEAR BOMB.

What to do? Simply HOLD THE FUCKING LINE, Mom and Dad. Do not use the pronouns. Do not use the new name.

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Thank you! Excellent piece.

It's misfit straight kids with Mental Health issues who are the biggest victims. Foster youth ID as trans at fifteen times the % of kids at large.

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In a culture that values victimhood above all else while teaching some youngsters that they are privileged oppressors by virtue of their race, you will find that some white kids try to enhance their social status by embracing the identity of a victim. Since these white kids can't pass themselves off as black or Hispanic, they opt for non-binary. When they realize that isn't radical enough, they move up to trans.

Critical "theory" (more of a idiotic hypothesis) is being used to destroy young minds and bodies.

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