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"Every forward step in my transition at first brought elation, but it was ephemeral. As the joy faded, I was encouraged to take the next step. I was not only a cash cow, I was a willing disciple."

Scott Newgent on waking up from the transgender fantasy

Scott Newgent is a 47-year old woman who underwent a series of surgeries at the age of 42. She is the author of the following striking passage from a Newsweek article published in 2021:

“I am a 48-year-old transgender man. I was thrilled when the medical community told me six years ago that I could change from a woman to a man. I was informed about all the wonderful things that would happen due to medical transition, but all the negatives were glossed over. Since then, I have suffered tremendously, including seven surgeries, a pulmonary embolism, an induced stress heart attack, sepsis, a 17-month recurring infection, 16 rounds of antibiotics, three weeks of daily IV antibiotics, arm reconstructive surgery, lung, heart and bladder damage, insomnia, hallucinations, PTSD, $1 million in medical expenses, and loss of home, car, career and marriage. All this, and yet I cannot sue the surgeon responsible—in part because there is no structured, tested or widely accepted baseline for transgender health care.”

Newgent was one of a group of detransitioners speaking at the Do No Harm protest of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which refused to consider a petition by five of its members to undertake a comprehensive evidence review regarding the safety and efficacy of pediatric “gender-affiirming” care in light of decisions made by the Swedish, Finnish, French, and UK government to pull in the reins on the practice and confine it to strictly experimental settings. Her brief nine-minute talk was reasonable, humane, and buttressed by a terrible authority inscribed into her flesh.


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What we're doing up here is we're saying, “hey, we did something really stupid, and don't be as stupid as us. It's hard to do. So I want to thank everybody who did that. That's very, very hard to do.”

My name is Scott Nugent. I'm a lesbian, and I'm a trans man. I'm a person who underwent a massive amount of irreversible surgery, and cross sex hormones to create an illusion of a male for comfort.

But I am still a woman, and I will always be a woman.

My most important label is that I'm a parent. I'm a parent to three incredible children. And as a mother, and as a woman, who has given birth carried life and as someone who fell for the relentless onslaught of glitter bombs and unicorn farts, as I call them, I ask, beg, and plead for the American Academy of Pediatrics to reverse course today — not tomorrow, today.

Not when you hear from more young detransitioners. Today. Right now.

Stop pushing puberty blockers, hormones and surgeries on children and youth. Stop telling kids they were born in the wrong body. They are just different.

Different is okay. In fact, different is a superpower.

The problem is being different is not embraced during adolescence. It takes time to accept your differences.

I wish I had embraced my differences earlier. If I had, I would not be standing here today in front of you, as a trans man, with my health destroyed.

My discovered purpose in life is to educate people that being unique is not a cause for medical intervention. But that these children need people in their lives to help them embrace, accept, and love themselves for who they are, not a delusion of something they will never become.

In my 40s, I found myself in a vulnerable situation.

I was in a relationship with a Catholic woman who soothed herself with the idea of being attracted to me as a woman, that somehow I was a man trapped in a woman's body.

I reached out for help and met with a trans woman therapist who goaded me along. In our first meeting, she asked me, “so how long have you been dressing like a man?”

If you knew me, you would know how silly that sounded, I had earrings on, makeup… nobody would mistake me for man.

At 42, in that moment, I was reduced to a child — no longer able to think or objectively feel. All the suffering throughout my life, the yearning to fit in, of being different, and not wanting to be…same sex attracted and more could be fixed.

You see the idea of embracing that I was born in the wrong body, all my problems I ever had would have been gone. And all the problems I would have in the future would not come up.

You see, embracing something that doesn't help anything but is such a long process… it grabs you and hold on to you. Because you always think there's a next step and there's the next step. And there's the next step.

You see — I was loud and pushy. I was strong willed and forceful. I was sporty and smart. I was successful in a mainly male dominated sales field. On the other hand, I was feminine, and men were constantly trying to cure me prove to me and ultimately break me and my attraction for women. I was tormented for being gay. I felt that I belonged nowhere. I was different yet unable to accept my differences. Just like these kids who believe that they're transgender today.

Every forward step in my transition at first brought elation, but it was ephemeral. As the joy faded, I was encouraged to take the next step. And then the next step. I was not only a cash cow, I was a willing disciple. I'm seven years post-trans. And just like the only long term study predicted, I have regret.

But after nearly dying from transition surgeries, I cannot detransition. I cannot endure another knife into my skin or open myself up for more stares and questions. I accept my body today. Because I have to.

So now let's jump to kids. Kid with no life experience, kids who are awkward, uncomfortable in their skin, the children that genuinely don't fit: the autistic kids, the abused kids, the mentally ill kids, the gifted, artsy — and of course, the same sex attracted kids. These are the vulnerable kids, children who are looking for a way to belong, or for a way to escape their weirdness — their superpower — of being different.

They go to school and hear from their teachers that they can change their gender, change their name, and become somebody else. They believe the lie that they can be cured of their differences, if they just begin the process of transition. All their feelings of not belonging will disappear. Instantly, they will be celebrated as brave and authentic, and they will rise to stardom.

These kids go on social media and make accounts with their FTM MTF or non binary descriptions. And then tens of thousands of strangers cheer them on. The algorithms through TikTok videos of supposedly happy transition people making double mastectomies look like Disneyland.

Surgeons advertise their services to children. Influencers instruct children on how to lie and get hormones and puberty blockers without their parents even knowing.

Boston Children's Hospital created a series of lighthearted videos explaining the various surgeries that are available for teenagers and young adults. As did the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. We know that girls are getting their breasts cut off at thirteen.

Thirteen. We don't know anything at thirteen. I didn't. Hell, I didn't even know anything at forty-two.

We know that little boys are getting drugs that stop their penises from ever growing. Turn on the TV, and you can watch a reality show of minors going through surgeries that invert their penises into fake vaginal cavities.

These children need to be permitted to grow and go through natural puberty. They should have a chance to get comfortable in their developing bodies. But instead the medical community is pushing gender non conforming children into having medical procedures.

Many of these kids would just turn out to be gay. Instead, they are life long medical patients. Each patient gives the medical complex millions of dollars in exchange. They continue to have complications, difficulty finding romantic partners, and they will never have biological children.

If the current rate of kids that are being transitioned continues, we're gonna have a whole generation of sterile human beings. And we will have turned a whole generation of children into medically induced lifelong patients without ever having one disease.

If I as an adult, couldn't resist the allure of the quick fix elixir, do you really think somebody can with an immature frontal lobe?

Mental health, love, and compassion are what these children need, not hormones amd knives. They need to be told that it is okay to be gay, autistic, mentally gifted, mentally ill, artistically gifted — that it's okay to be weird and different. They need to be told that being different is a superpower.

Pediatricians, please help. Please don't accept children's invented gender identity. That is not compassionate care. Look at the casualties and why and what else is going on. Don't send kids to get hormone and surgeries. Let them hold on to their childhood and their health.

You see the media has been hiding the truth and we're showing it to you right here today. If these doctors truly believe in the oath of Do No Harm, well, I'm afraid they're at a crossroads. And that crossroads is: Are they going to embrace the heat that always comes from truth? Are they going to cower from it? Because if they cower from it, we're going to have a whole generation of kids butchered. And I ask that you act accordingly and do the right thing.

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