May 20 • 45M

Conversations with Friends

A different corner of the Yang Extended Universe

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An ongoing inquiry into the ideological fever that overtook the governing and chattering classes of America during the Trump years
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Early adopters of the Yang Extended Universe as it moves into the audio realm are familiar with my scripted podcast, that you can listen to here on Substack, but I also have another weekly show, conducted on the app Callin, in which I get to interact with my audience. I’ve noticed in the past few sessions that the size of those participating has begun to grow, and I hope to have it continue to grow as time passes.

The Callin show is a venue for unscripted and spontaneous conversation, often with an interviewee but sometimes with just me. So today’s episode of the Year Zero podcast includes some highlights from the first 18 episodes of my Callin show - we discuss the new religion of the American elite, Tumblr true believers, and the future of free speech with some interesting people. Thank you to everyone who’s participated in the show so far, and I look forward to new listeners enriching future episodes with your own participation.