"We are setting up the lawsuits against the AAP and all these societies. We're going to hold them all to account. We have an army of attorneys waiting to do this."

Erin Friday speaks the night Before the Do No Harm protest of the American Academy of Pediatrics about pulling her daughter out of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria and organizing against the gender cult

Erin Friday organized the October protest of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She is a lawyer living in Marin County whose daughter began identifying as a trans male during covid and was assigned a cross-gendered name and pronoun by her teachers without her mother’s knowledge of consent. Friday quit her job and spent a year getting her daughter out of the gender cult into which she had been first inculcated by an older teenaged girl she met on the Internet.

A lifelong Democrat of thirty years, Friday now organizes full time against the gender cult which uses crude emotional blackmail grounded in scientific misinformation to isolate children from their parents, cooperating with whomever will come to her aid. She runs a group of thousands of parents of children inflicted by Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria called Our Duty, and through that vehicle has been coordinating what promises to be a series of protests and lawsuits against the pediatric gender industry.

If the tide ever turns on pediatric gender transition, it will in large part be through the exertions of women like her. We spoke late at midnight before the rally and were due back at the conference room at 6 A.M.

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UPDATE: The video above was color corrected.

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