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"If you're not willing to risk your job, your relationships, your friendships, if you're not willing to risk that to protect children from medical experimentation -- what would motivate you?

"My name is Erin Brewer and I pretty much have committed my life to doing everything I can to stop the medical transitioning of children"

I interviewed Erin Brewer at the protest of the American Academy of Pediatrics by a consortium of parent groups that oppose the medicalization of trans-identifying children. Brewer was a “Trans Kid” in an age before pediatric transition was a possibility, back in 1973 when her reaction to a sexual trauma — a rape by two men in a public bathroom, while one held a knife to her brother’s neck — took the form of identification as a boy.

Brewer underwent a form of cognitive-behaviorial therapy that helped her align herself with her own female body, a form of therapy that she contends is now banned in 21 states that have passed laws against “conversion therapy” for gays or trans-gender identifying patients. Brewer testified against the trans conversion therapy ban before the Utah legislature and persuaded it to remove the trans aspect of the ban.

Republican Governor Spencer Cox (famous for introducing his preferred pronouns on camera) then did an end run around the legislature by working with the state medical licensing board to enact the ban. She has since become a full time against the medicalization of trans-identifying children.

Paid subscribers have access to full transcripts and complete versions of the video interviews I’ve been compiling for use in future projects. The full interviews are fascinating and often moving documents in their own right and they allow viewers to eavesdrop with me on the entirety of the journey whose ultimate destination is still yet to determine but which, as any viewer may surmise, is tending toward a forthright and unequivocal embrace of gender critical views.

Transcript follows.

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